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Seasons of Love by Kristine Raymond

 A Collection Of Short Stories To Entertain Throughout The Year Four couples. Four seasons. A lifetime of love. Dogwoods in Springtime Still in mourning three years after her husband’s death, Caroline Ballard’s solitary life in rural Kentucky is disrupted by a broken water line, of all things. As if the lack of running water wasn’t… Continue reading Seasons of Love by Kristine Raymond


VE Day, May 8th

I was part of this and very proud to be alongside such great authors to celebrate V. E. Day.

Electric Eclectic's Blog

It seems a long time with nothing much happening that we, the Electric Eclectic authors and friends, brought you an anthology full of stories about VE day. We planned a big launch to coincide with all the celebrations that were going to happen as it had been 75 years of Victory in Europe.

Sadly, along with everything else in 2020, the pandemic hit, and everything was cancelled. The book was released without ceremony and sold a handful of copies. However, one year has now past and we want to bring it to our readers attention again.

The book contains six poignant stories and is 109 pages long. Predominately Electric Eclectic authors, we invited two special friends to join us. Julia Blake and Jane Risdon are wonderful story tellers, and I urge you to check them out on Amazon.

The Dome of St Pauls by Karen J Mossman

“They called his…

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Journey Fitness

Travis and Cyndy Barnes tell their story of hope and inspiration after rebounding from tragedy! The book is available worldwide across all platforms! If you fear you may be about to hit rock bottom—whether compounded by personal tragedy, inner turmoil, or drug abuse, then fitness entrepreneur Travis Barnes’s latest book, Journey Fitness, will give you the… Continue reading Journey Fitness

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In Memory of Michelle by Sahara Foley

20 pages long, published 3rd May 2010, by Norns Triad Publications, Genre: Dark Fantasy Supernatural. 1-hr-Read Karen's Magic Review If you read this blog regularly you will know I have a 'thing' for book covers. And I have to say that this attracted me immediately. It is absolutely perfect for the tale. The story is… Continue reading In Memory of Michelle by Sahara Foley

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Sugar and Spice by Julia Blake

Karen's Magic Review Romantic, Suspense, Action, Adventure and thriller. 247 pages. Kindle Unlimited It's been a while since I did a pictures telling stories and this was such a good read and a perfect one for me to do.Sugar and Spice is book three in the The Blackwood Family Saga, but having said that, it… Continue reading Sugar and Spice by Julia Blake

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Dear Mary, Flash Fiction by Karina Kantas

We pulled alongside the ship. Its ancient sails still blowing although torn and ragged. The sails were still strong enough to push the ship through the cold and murky sea. Our crew have been looking for this ship for a very long time. We are a team of investigators that hunt for strange and unexplained… Continue reading Dear Mary, Flash Fiction by Karina Kantas

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About a Book – Kerry and the Unicorn by John Longman

Introducing John L. Longman WebsitePublisher Where did the idea for the story come from? It started with a card, literally. Last year, due to Covid lockdown restrictions, instead of purchasing a birthday card for my other half, whom I was separated from as we were living in different houses, I grabbed a piece of paper… Continue reading About a Book – Kerry and the Unicorn by John Longman

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The Road To Wigan Pier by Carole Parkes

Today I am bringing you a true life story of Elizabeth Smith as she told to her daughter. Historians will enjoy a look back on the social history of a Lancashire lass. At ninety nine pages long, this memoir will be sure to capture your heart as well as educate and amuse you. MEMORIES OF… Continue reading The Road To Wigan Pier by Carole Parkes


WIP Wednesday

Work in Progress Wednesday I am working through the edits with my editor, Julie, for A Killer on Heath. She also designed this beautiful cover which shows Cassie off perfectly. Working Description Cassie, a clairvoyant and empath, is asked to help her brother, a detective, to find a killer. One girl is dead and another… Continue reading WIP Wednesday

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About a Book – Dead Tree Tales by Rush Leeming

Introducing Rush Leeming WebsiteGoodreadsAmazon Where did the idea for the story come from? The idea first came to me in the mid-90’s, the idea that the impending destruction of a famous tree would stir up a whirlwind of trouble in a community. I envisioned it as a multi--character, complicated interlocking of storylines. The crime element… Continue reading About a Book – Dead Tree Tales by Rush Leeming