April 17Karen J Mossman comes from a family of writers. Her uncle used to be the editor of the Chester Chronicle and her grandfather was editor of the Oswestry Advertizer, now Border County Newspapers. Further back, her 2 x great grandfather wrote for the Oldham Chronicle. She is the only one to have gone into fiction.

Karen’s parents were foster carers for over 45 years and she was brought up in a house full of children and animals. Her father worked for the Manchester Police until he retired and became a full-time carer. The family moved quite often, as in those days the police provided accommodation and her mum had a bit of wanderlust. She frequently asked for the list of houses so they could try somewhere new. Because of this, Karen’s imagination took her away from the bedlam of life and gradually she started writing stories as a way of escaping.

In 1978, when her family moved into yet another new area, she met and fell in love with the boy next door and they married in 1980. On February 15th, 1984 she gave birth to a 9lb 5oz little girl and two years later on February 15th,1986 she gave birth to a hefty baby boy weighing in at 11lbs. Eventually, with her new family she settled in Stretford in Manchester and while her children were young became a Child Minder. The family lived in one house for 28 years, which was a record for Karen.

In 2016, as her husband retired and they moved to Anglesey.

She has drawn inspiration from her and this blog was born giving her a place to share here stories.

An interview