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Thank you for coming over to my website. I’m Kazz Mossman and the reason I started it was because I love stories. Stories are all around us. Stories weave the pathway to our lives.



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Magic of Stories is all about those tales that intrigue us, the true stories and the chit-chat. Fiction plays an important part, and most fastinating of all, is to step back in time with stories passed through the generations. I love history and have been collecting snippits to share, bacause they are sometimes the most fascinating of all.

In 2016, I moved from the big city of Manchester to a small island off the north Wales coast. Island Life is where I tell you what it is like to live here in such a glorious place.

Choose from the menu where you would like to go and Magic Posts is the main blog where you will find the up to date posts.

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19 thoughts on “Welcome to the Magic of Stories

  1. Linda Collier says:

    3rd time lucky, hopefully !!
    Quite interesting to read that your 2x great grandfather wrote for the Oldham Chronicle As you probably remember, both my parents originally came from Oldham. I have a copy at home of the 1st issue, 1st edition of the Oldham Chronicle which I found when clearing out after my dad died.Pity it wasn’t an original or it would have been worth quite a bit.


    • Even so, I expect it has some really interesting snippets in it. What year is it?

      My 2xGG wrote articles for them and then published a book. I have the book, but can’t remember the exact date now. Early 1900s perhaps.

      In it he describes his visit to Henshaw’s Society for the blind, which I published on here. He also went to Kersal Cell in Salford, amongst others. It is interesting seeing it from his eyes and of those times.


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