Inspirational, Romance

Summer in Bliss by Freda Ann

154 pages, Summer romance,

Karen’s Magic Review

This book came from someone on Instagram. They reviewed it and said how much they loved it. So from that I downloaded it. The fact that it was a novella and a summer read persuaded me as I had just come out of a large six book series. I wanted something light and not too long.

This is billed as a sweet, clean romance. I generally like my stories to have a bit of grit in them. Surprisingly, this was like a breath of fresh air. Mia and Dash were the main characters and each had rented a holiday home on the edge of the ocean in a town called Bliss. When another woman and her daughter move in between their condos I expected a bit of conflict, as that’s how stories go. But no, Madison and her daughter move into the background and the story stays focused on Dash and Mia. Next, Mia’s boyfriend comes to visit because their telephone conversation did not go too well. Again, I expected it to come between the couple with misunderstandings, as this is what generally happens. It didn’t. Grant, the boyfriend, was not made into a baddie.

The writing was lovely, the author knowing how to keep the reader interested without something ‘bad’ having to happen. That was a nice change for me. There is a lovely twist at the end, one that seems logical but I never saw coming. I love little surprises like that.

The only thing I found odd was a dog who doesn’t go woof, or bark. Instead, Mia’s dog constantly, ‘arfed’. The author also used the terms sniggering all the time, which I always associate as laughing slyly or cunningly, which wasn’t the case, she just didn’t seem to like the words laughing or giggling, or other connotations. Snicker is another one often used throughout the story. I though only horses snickered.

But I am being picky. This is a really enjoyable book and part of a series, all different characters and set in the beautifully named Bliss.

I will also add that the layout and formatting of this book, is very pleasant on the eye and it added to the whole reading experience.

I’ve not heard of this author before or come across her in any of my social media meanderings. She has written several books and they all have a unique style. I can see her have many followers because it is good to be distinctive these day with so much competition out there.


In this sweet/clean Hallmark style rom-com, wit and drive meets tragedy. Can the hunky fire lieutenant help Mia face her past and put her life back together?
Mia Everly is an independent, driven woman happily married to her career. She has everything—loving parents, a brother who’s her best friend, and the perfect companion any woman could ask for…her canine pal, Hope. When her traumatic past resurfaces, rocking her to the core, Mia questions her future.
Dash Stevens, a Lieutenant with the county fire department, is a widowed father to his daughter, Allie. After three long years, he’s come to terms with single fatherhood. Allie is the only girl he wants in his life…but she has ideas of her own.
Newly-neighbored on Bliss Cay, Dash and Mia’s worlds intertwine changing their lives forever. Will Mia get the answers she so desperately wants? Will Dash’s ambitious personality push her away or is his compassionate heart exactly what she needs to help her find them?

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