The Little Red Book

by Karen J Mossman

I was in Asda looking for something when my eyes fell on a little red book. It was wrapped in cellophane with a strip of black card that said – George £3. Medium Free Writer. For Notes, Research, and Inspirations.

There is something about a blank page, fresh and new. I had a burst of thought in which an entire conversation came to mind at once. I couldn’t see inside to look at the ruled lines of emptiness just waiting to be filled. I hadn’t written a short story for ages. It was Halloween soon. Could I conjure up something? My mind was filled with thoughts as I stared at the little book in my hand.

It then leapt into my basket, almost on its own. I spent two days looking at it, trying to find the time to actually write something. At the same time, I noticed another notebook in the drawer which I hadn’t opened either. That one I bought to write in too, but there it remained unfilled and empty.

Whilst browsing the shelves of Amazon, I came across a book that was called How to Write a Book in 7 – 14 days That Will Make You Money – by Darren Stock.

It wasn’t a very big book, 20,000 words maybe. He made it sound easy, and his book was probably a product of what he was writing about. I knew it probably wasn’t that easy, but it involved brainstorming titles and subtitles. Either way, it sounded like fun and I wanted to try it. Four weeks later, it still lay in the drawer, untouched and unopened.

I needed to find time from somewhere. 

Anyway, skipping ahead, I finished the novel – which, incidentally, was a cracking read. (Steve Mosby, The Black Flowers) and it made me want to write a novel again. I decided that instead of going back to rewrite and finish a previous one set in the medieval times, I’d go back and write the second draft of my 70s novel. When I originally finished it, I intended to leave it in the drawer for a couple of months before doing the last draft. That was four months ago.

So there I was at our caravan with time on my hands. I finally opened the little red book, courtesy of George. I was immediately disappointed as I saw blank pages as opposed to the ruled pages I thought I was buying.

I prefer lined pages, in fact, I remember being at infant school and the teacher told me children write on ruled lines and when I grow up I will write on blank pages.  I never did. An artist or illustrator uses blank pages to draw on. Lines are meant for words.

So my recent book of musings and stories was not what I thought, but I started writing anyway and it didn’t impede me.

I wrote 26 pages and my pen on fire.

Several musings and one short story later. I love my little red book!

And that 70s novel I mentioned, it got published and is called Behind Closed Doors.

Published by Kazzmoss

Karen loves fiction, reading and especially writing short stories and novels. She is also an avid blogger and book reviewer. Living on the beautiful Isle Anglesey, off the North Wales coast, Karen draws inspiration from the world around her.

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