If Only You Knew by Louise Mercer

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Following the untimely passing of her godmother, Laura finds herself the benefactor of a picturesque seaside B&B. She’s soon plunged into the life of hospitality, catering for the needs of her eclectic guests, with help from her vibrant and fun-loving friend, Amy.

However, the cosy seaside lifestyle she hopes for is soon dominated by her mischievous pup, an unwelcome ex-boyfriend, seaside storms and the search for long-lost family.

If her new life isn’t challenging enough, she also has a battle on her hands against her own emotions, as the brooding, handsome village vet upsets her cosy applecart.


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Karen’s Magic Review

I downloaded this from Kindle Unlimited, which I love because if I decided it is not for me, I can just return it. No chance with this book!

I have two dogs, and some scenes were obvious that the author knows dogs. I read another book recently and the author seemed to have no idea that male dogs cock their legs up and female’s squat. She had it the wrong way round.

You know how it takes a few pages or chapters for the book to grab you. In the beginning, I was waiting for this to happen. Yes, I liked the story, but I was picking it up and putting it down with no compulsion to read.  It was only when I got to Chapter 19; I remembered that couldn’t remember the point where is changed. A lot earlier on for sure as I had been reading continuously, all eventing. This was such a good story!

The slow burn chemistry between Lucas and Laura was a page-turner for sure. Partway through, I came across the work flibbergibbet. I’d never heard of before, but it was clear what it meant. What a great word! It made me chuckle and the unintentional humour throughout the book was very appealing.

There is a scene in the pub where Laura has arranged a blind date. Look out for it, should you read it – and you must – it is simply hilarious. One of the funniest things I’ve read for ages. I really felt for the poor girl.

Overall, this was a great easy-to-read story in a beautiful setting. Love the way the author described it and felt like I was there enjoying everything too. Terrific characterisation with a basic interesting romantic plot. But what made this special was the subplots with the other characters.

The climax to the story was the icing on the cake – you will not see it coming!

If you want a beach read this summer, If Only You Knew is perfect.

Highly recommended!

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