By Karen au Mossman

Have you heard stories from people complaining about a product and receiving a box of something in return?

From my blog in 2009.

If you don’t contact big companies when there is something to say, you get nothing, so I thought I would give it a go.

I occasionally do my shopping online and bought a box of green tea bags which I took to work and they tasted yuk.

On inspecting the packet, I saw in tiny writing underneath the words Green Tea – with a hint of jasmine.

Ugh! I threw out the box. If I’d have wanted a hint of jasmine in my green tea, I would have asked for it.

I went to Asda myself and to the tea shelf and chose one that said Green Tea in big letters. The following morning, I made myself a drink, and it had a horrible taste again – you’ve guessed it – with a hint of jasmine!

It is so easy to miss when standing at the shelf looking at the huge choice they offer. In fact, how many times have I bought Nescafe Cappuccino, only to get it home and see the little writing – unsweetened!

Asda took my letter very seriously, and I got a nice, if not slightly over the top reply in return. It expressed their sincere apologies that I wasn’t happy with one of their products and they would do their utmost to rectify the situation. To compensate, they said they would send me an Asda gift card.

So I was happy, until it arrived a week later, and saw it was for a £1.

Who said it pays to complain!


Published by Kazzmoss

Karen loves fiction, reading and especially writing short stories and novels. She is also an avid blogger and book reviewer. Living on the beautiful Isle Anglesey, off the North Wales coast, Karen draws inspiration from the world around her.

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