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Author Interview – About a Book, Melissa Harker-Ridenour

Melissa Harker-Ridenour Amazing Adventures in Shelby’s Shoes Description Playing dress-up in her mother’s shoes, Shelby’s imagination takes her all over the world.  But she comes to realize that she has the power to make her own dreams come true. With a chapter of information on achieving Girl Power for parents to share, this is a… Continue reading Author Interview – About a Book, Melissa Harker-Ridenour

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Author Interview – About a Book, P J Roscoe

P. J. Roscoe Adventures of Faerie Folk series 1-4 Description Annabelle and the Strawberry Faerie, and The Magic Comb The first two stories in the Faerie collection. Each story teaches children morals and how to live in harmony with each other and nature – or there will be consequences! “Our World can be a truly… Continue reading Author Interview – About a Book, P J Roscoe

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Hiding Hannah by Marnie Cate

Description Which is more important – being forgiven or being forgotten?  "No!" Caitlyn cried, taking my hand. "No, please don't. I thought we were past all that. We don't have to pretend to be perfect, Mom. Talk to me. Tell me what you wanted to share. I'm here to listen." Closing my eyes, I let… Continue reading Hiding Hannah by Marnie Cate

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Author Interview – About a Book, W. H. Matlock

W.H. Matlock “Grandpa Explains the Snow.”   DescriptionIt’s snowing! Grandpa remembers what it was like when he was a child.  His grandkids want to hear all about fun in the snow when Grandpa was their age. Grandpa Explains the Snow presents a beautifully rendered look at what life was like in a 1950s neighborhood.  The… Continue reading Author Interview – About a Book, W. H. Matlock

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The Chicken Farm

by Jane Finch A few years ago I decided I would like to keep chickens. However, instead of buying pedigree chickens, I rescued some from a battery farm. I had seen pictures of them kept in small cages, never seeing the light of day, never feeling the sun on their backs, and never feeling the… Continue reading The Chicken Farm

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Forgiving Ginger by Marnie Cate

Which is more important – financial security or sharing your life with the man you love? I just wanted to send you a friendly warning. No, not a threat. Not a leave my husband alone. Because if you want him still, he's yours. But I would say that no amount of money is worth what… Continue reading Forgiving Ginger by Marnie Cate


The Revenge of Excalibur by Sahara Foley

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Quote from The Dragon Wakes by Ellen Read

This books is also free to download at the moment, and judging by this a great read for all you fantasy fans out there.

Pauline Reid

I was given the ARC of, Den of Dragons, which is an anthology, the subject, dragons. If you are looking for the book to read, it is … Volume 1 … apparently not an error on the book cover, I was given the ebook while the cover was being made.

The quote itself is from Ellen Read’s short story The Dragon Wakes, and if you have read The Dragon Sleeps, you will be familiar with the area and the famous muniment room, where mysterious things happen. The Dragon Wakes is a lovely side step from The Dragon Sleeps and I urge every reader to read it. I’m yet reading it again to refresh my memory before The Incas Curse comes out

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My Dogs

These two are Tilly, the Yorkie aged two and a half, and Meggy, the King Charles Cavalier spaniel, aged about eight. We got Tilly from an advert online, and Meggy came from a rescue centre having been saved from a puppy farm. Here in Anglesey we are surrounded by beaches. Both dogs taught themselves to… Continue reading My Dogs