Fun Facts about Fairy tales

Everybody who loves stories will probably have grown up with fairy tales. I know I did.

  • A lot of the famous authors we know and love today are fans of fairy tales. This includes the likes of C.S. Lewis, Terry Pratchett, and J.R.R. Tolkien. In fact, Charles Dickens said that fairy tales kept him ever young!


  • When Little Red Riding Hood first come out, it was used for the purpose of warning children about the dangerous wild animals that lived in the woods.


  • While we are on the subject of Little Red Riding Hood, let’s talk about the Roald Dahl version. In this version of the book, Red Riding Hood was not as helpless as she was in the story we all know and love. In fact, she strikes back at the wolf!


  • The very first Cinderella tale was actually recorded around AD 850 in China. She was known as Yehhsien. Her shoes were made of gold and she wore a dress that was made of kingfisher feathers.


  • A lot of original fairy tales are gruesome. They have been toned down and rewritten to appeal to the masses. For example, in Snow White, the evil queen was after Snow White’s heart in the Disney version. However, in the original tale, which was published in the Grimm’s Fairy Tales, the evil queen wants to consume Snow White’s liver and lungs.


  • You will find many of the stories that we know and love today in a book called Grimm’s Fairy Tales. This includes the likes of Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood. this was published back in 1812, and it is actually a compilation of traditional German folktales that were put together by a pair of brothers; Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm.


I wanted to have a go at writing my own fairy tale, and I’ve called it The Power of Love. It’s about a mother’s love, and there is nothing as powerful. When her son goes missing, his mother tries to reach him through music. The  book has been republished under the Electric Eclectic brand and a Norns Triad Publication

Or find out details of the book here.


Book Link

Courtesey of the original page for #mothergooseday where you can find the full article..

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