A Prisoner Within by J. M. Northup


All she wanted was a loving mother. Instead, she got a monster.

After a horrific childhood, Tiffany cannot wait for her eighteenth birthday. However, her tyrannical mother is unwilling to relinquish control. Relying on years of lies, she convinces everyone her daughter is self-harming and should remain in her care. 

Tiffany must prove she is of sound mind to earn her independence, but how can she from inside a mental ward? 

How far is she willing to go for freedom and is redemption worth the price of her soul? 
Though this dark coming-of-age tale is considered Young Adult (because of the age of the main protagonist), it has mature content, which includes rape as well as other physical, emotional, and mental abuse. It is not suitable for those under the age of 16.

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Karen’s Magic Review

I’m not sure how to start my review for this one. It’s hard to say I enjoyed it because the subject matter was tough to read, and it’s wrong to say I enjoyed someone else’s misery.

What I will say is that it was absolutely riveting, and I couldn’t stop reading this sad, tragic story. Tiffany is abused by her mother and each time she is taken to ER, everyone takes her mother’s side because she was so good at convincing the authorities Tiffany did it to herself.

Why did no one see what was happening? For me, I would have enjoyed the story more if there was someone in her corner. Someone who was trying to help her instead of the poor girl being all alone.

All the way through I was hoping something would happen at the end to redeem her and for people to see she wasn’t deranged or mental.

There was a satisfactory ending. All the ends were tied up with a spectacular climax. But, I wanted more, I wanted another few chapters telling us about what happened to her afterwards; for her to see life could be good and she could be happy.

This was a gripping, very strong and recommended read. J. M. Northup is a great author. She’s a multi genre writer, and understands her subject well. I’ve read Tally, and this was an outstanding book, so totally different from A Prisoner Within. I know if I choose another one of her books I’m going to get another thrilling, entertaining, and totally different read.

Ms Northup is a prolific writer an these are some of her books. Find her here.

5 thoughts on “A Prisoner Within by J. M. Northup”

  1. You are right – for the real world, and that was probably what the author wanted to depict. For me though, it is the book world and the story was fiction. I like to see good triumphing and I prefer happy every after endings, or least hope.
    Thank you for commenting, Sahara, I appreciate it 🙂


  2. I also enjoyed this book, and it is indeed riveting. But reality is, children that come from that type of parenting don’t see a HEA. It’s a struggle for them to see good in themselves, let alone other people. I see this all the time on my FB feed from people, years later, still trying to recover from a horrendous childhood. So sad.


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