Do you know what an Indie author is?

I’m sure you do, and we all take it for granted everyone knows what and who an Indie author is.

Recently, I gave a talk to a group of ladies and asked them the same question, already knowing what their answer would be. Imagine my surprise when the majority of people said no. It then occured how I frequent two worlds, online and reality.

In the latter, people are impressed you are a writer. They will happily buy a paperback and are interestered in what you say. In the online world readers are very different, they download books and not interested in paperbacks. Neither are they impressed you being a writer because so is everyone else is. You are not unique, you are just one of many.

For those reasons, I believe we should be treating the two differently.

We need to address the question about Indie authors and once I explained to the group what an Indie author was, the next question was, “How do we find them?”

There is no central point; nothing on Amazon that says this book is published by an independent author, so what would you do?

Well, send them to Amazon and put Electric Eclectic Books in the search bar. It also works in Google and on Goodreads. Launched in November 2017 by author Paul White, the brand has grown and grown. It originally started out as offereing novelettes to find your new favourite author but now offers novels too.

Or just head over to their website and find a genre that you would enjoy, choose a novelette, and if you like the writing style go on to read their novels. There is a lot of choice, and a lot of great Indie authors just waiting to be discovered!

When I told Paul White about this, he thought process set to work and he wrote an interesting blog article about Indie and Readers. Head over and give it a read.

Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 16.18.07

Visit the website

Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 16.42.53

I’ve read lots of these books, visit here to see a list of reviews.

Review Page




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