Playing The Game by Karen J. Mossman

This week I am going to be posting about Play the Game. It’s a novelette that can be read in one sitting.

It’s idea for that journey, or even a beach read.

I was told this is an overused image, lots of people have used it in various ways. But, I like it, it works brilliant for the opening to my story. I added the bag at her feet because Stella, the main character had been delivering locally, and for me, it just worked.

However, nothing is every that perfect and there is one major flaw with the picture! In the story, Stella comes into a hotel seeking warmth from the cold winter’s evening! But ah well, you can’t have everything, can you?

Screen Shot 2020-02-23 at 14.06.21

Stella was looking for somewhere to keep warm while she waits for a bus and sneaks into a hotel to sit it out.

Kelly is at a function in the hotel and takes a breather away from all the pats on the backs and speeches. He assumes she waiting for the lift and she worries he is part of the staff and will chuck her out.

Striking up a conversation, what Stella reveals heightens his interest in this petite softly spoken girl. It was the last thing he had expected from her.

Stella had given up dating, her life was too complicated. Explaining about her dad was not something anyone would understand.

When Kelly asks her to dinner, she panics. Should she break her rule and go? She couldn’t remember the last time a good looking boy had even shown an interest in her.

Maybe she would, just this once….

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