Why Did I write Play the Game? Karen J Mossman

Why did I write Play the Game and where did the idea come from?It originally came from a short story called Interview with a Charity Founder, which you can read here. I wanted to explore this more, extend that story, and introduce the meeting of the two characters. Strangely, I wrote this story without character… Continue reading Why Did I write Play the Game? Karen J Mossman


Hope for Dad by Karen J. Mossman

Over a week I posted stories little stories about Play the Game. In this little teaser, Stella is talking about her dad. After a family tragedy, Stella copes the best she can, but her father found it much more difficult. He was supposed to take care of her, instead she finds herself looking after him.… Continue reading Hope for Dad by Karen J. Mossman


Interview with a Charity Founder

by Karen J Mossman Today I am interviewing Sarah Lane, founder of Bread UK, and who is also the girlfriend of Manchester United and England player Paul Westermain. “Hello, Sarah, thank you for coming along today.” I put my tape recorder on the table after asking if she minded. “Not at all. All publicity is… Continue reading Interview with a Charity Founder


Dangerous Times! play the Game by Karen J. Mossman

This week I am featuring my book Play the Game. It tells the story of Stella, and one of the things she does is to make and distribute sandwiches for the homeless. It was after one of these nightly treks that she meets Kelly as she takes refuge from the cold. He is at a… Continue reading Dangerous Times! play the Game by Karen J. Mossman


Playing The Game by Karen J. Mossman

This week I am going to be posting about Play the Game. It's a novelette that can be read in one sitting. It's idea for that journey, or even a beach read. I was told this is an overused image, lots of people have used it in various ways. But, I like it, it works… Continue reading Playing The Game by Karen J. Mossman


Musical Parade

I came across this post from Abbie's Corner all about rodeo's and carnivals. We used to have parades where I lived. Floats - decorated lorries carrying Rose Queens, or bands or charities. It was always fun. Often there would also be a brass band and I recalled one time I was with my mum and… Continue reading Musical Parade

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The Day I Found a Dead Body

by Karen J Mossman My mother was fearless. She had a strong sense of injustice. If something was wrong, she would put it right, or put people right. One day I remember her telling me how she was walking passed the park when she heard a crowd chanting. She went in to find boys gathered… Continue reading The Day I Found a Dead Body

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My Little Star, Tilly.

Ark Angels Animal Rescue is based in Chester. This is where we got our King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Meggy, from. She is a rescue dog, taken from a puppy farm somewhere in Wales in June 2018. It was evident she'd had lots of puppies and they estimated her age as four or five. I've continued… Continue reading My Little Star, Tilly.


Missing People

Like many others, I enjoy a good mystery. Stories where you need to know what happens next. Tales that pique your curiosity and keep you turning the page to get to the end. Over the years, I’ve found missing people intriguing. Why did they disappear in the first place? Was it an accident or something… Continue reading Missing People