Underestimate the Captain at your own peril! By Pamela Grimm

#Mustread #historical #fiction #NewRelease #RPBP Destiny's Gold (Captain Jane Thorn Book 1) by Pamela Grimm Historical, Nautical Fiction ASIN: B07K27Q7F9 244 Pages SisterShip Press Pty Ltd November 23, 2018 It is 1820 and a young, female sea captain sets sail aboard the schooner Destiny bound for the sugar plantations of Cuba and then on to… Continue reading Underestimate the Captain at your own peril! By Pamela Grimm

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What Makes an Author Tick? Head Held High by Butterfly Thomas

It's alway interesting read an author interview and I came across one recently with Butterfly Thomas. But first, the book details An urban thriller. Shya's dying mother tasked her with taking care of her younger brothers, and the girl is trying hard to do just that. But it doesn't take long for the reader to… Continue reading What Makes an Author Tick? Head Held High by Butterfly Thomas

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Who loves Puppies?

In November 2018, we went to pick up our new puppy. Never having one before and being retired, we gave it a lot of thought before we decded to commit.We used an online site and was contacted by Debbie, who had both parents, and six pups. We had already christened ours Tilly, and visited two… Continue reading Who loves Puppies?


Uselessly Smitten!

I went to visit someone’s house the other day in Llanfairpwll, on Anglesey. I didn’t know them very well and it was my first visit there. The houses are new builds, and at first, I thought they were flats but no, they were three storey town houses. She took me upstairs, saying the living accomodation… Continue reading Uselessly Smitten!


A LOVE AFFAIR with a beautiful old building… by John Searanke

A Bestselling Memoir New Release by John Searancke RT @JohnSearancke #KindleDeal #RPBP #ASMSG Tags(Labels): #kindle, #kindledeals, #Amazon, #KindleUnlimited, #Travel, #Hotels, #sale, #99cents, #NewRelease.#Memoir, #nonfiction, #BookPromotion, #BookMarketing, #giveaway, HTML Embed Code(Copy & Paste into the html editor of your blog)  A LOVE AFFAIR WITH A BEAUTIFUL OLD BUILDING... The Reluctant Hotelkeeper  by  bestselling author John Searancke… Continue reading A LOVE AFFAIR with a beautiful old building… by John Searanke

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The Amulet by Paul White

Genre: Urban Fantasy Description Marks life was on a downward spiral and he was wondering if it was worth carrying on.On the way home one evening he found a small metal object in the grass.That is when strange things started to happen.Join Mark as his life changes in this 'feel good' tale of ancient magic… Continue reading The Amulet by Paul White


A Walk in the Park?

No, it's more than that! I'm really lucky to live here in Anglesey, and count my blessings every day.Winter can be a difficult time for us all as the weather turns cold. The coast can also be very chilly with the wind whipping up over the sea. It's fine if you wrap up warmly.Yesterday the… Continue reading A Walk in the Park?


WordPress V Facebook

I was reading a post on Instagram where someone wondering whether to start a blog. Of course, I immediately came on and said yes, and extolled the virtues of WordPress. It was only as I was doing so; I realised just what a community WordPress is. Suddenly I began comparing it to Facebook.For a long… Continue reading WordPress V Facebook

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The Power of Words

featuring author and founder of Electric Eclectic Books, Paul White Having read the interview with Paul White, which is linked at the bottom, it resinated with me because I, too, realised the power of words from an early age.I thought about how I started writing. My parents fostered children, and I was the eldest of… Continue reading The Power of Words