Time for A Tidy Up

by Karen J Mossman

Yes, it’s time to get organised and tidy up around here. The Magic of Stories has beern going for two years now and evolved and changed a lot during that time. As more and more things were added, even I didn’t know where everything was.

The menu has been improved.
MoS Newsletter – we now have an exciting monthly newsletter where you can sign up and download a free book for doing so..

Magic Posts – this is the main blog. Everything that gets posted on here goes under this title. That way, we can all keep up with whats new.

The Magic of Stories book – have you looked at this? Forty Six stories in different formats, poetry, flash fiction, shorts, and some have appears on this website. Well worth grabbing a copy for only 99c/99p.

The Adventures of Cassidy Newbold – my ongoing short story book featuring Cassie, who is a medium. Free to download for everyone who visits this site.

Stories and Flash Fiction – it’s what this site is all about. Each new one will be listed under Magic Posts, but if you are looking for a story to read, you can go straight here.

Family and local History and Island Life, are the same. You’ll find them in Magic Posts, but listed seperately here.

Most of all enjoy your visit, and comment on the posts, so I can reply back.

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