Anglesey Rocks

I came across a Facebook website called Anglesey Rocks It has over 2K members.

Anglesey Rocks – literally! 🤘🏼 Nowhere has better rocks or coastline than our beautiful Anglesey, so join this fun page for adults and children alike to show your creativity and uniqueness. – Post a picture of any rocks you find. – Say where you found it. – Keep or Re-hide anywhere in the world. – Paint some of your own and hide. Enjoy!


As I wandered down the front by the sea at Holyhead in Anglesey. I found a painted rock in the monument. It didn’t have anything written on the back, so I wasn’t sure it was an Anglesey Rock one.


I posted it on the group and it turned out it was an Anglesey Rock one and they had forgotten to write on the back of it.  I left it where it was and it had gone the next day.

A friend of mine paints rocks and some years ago she gave me a few and they decorate the front of my bungalow. I even bought a locally crafted one because I love them.

I’d always fancied giving it a go and bought some acrylic pens and varnish. I collected some stones from the local beach and set to work. I’m not very artistic but I really enjoyed doing these and even though I say so myself, don’t think they have come out too badly. It doesn’t seem to matter anyway, as looking at the photos on the Facebook page there is a mixed bag and its about the fun of finding them.


The bottom one, I kept for myself. This was one my friend had done for me, but the picture had weathered, so I peeled it off and painted over the top of it. It now adorns the front of my house and I feel quite proud of each time I come in through the front door.

The other two I took to Holyhead and hid – well, they call it hide, but its hidden in plain site really.

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 17.01.56.pngToday when I checked Facebook I found this picture and it was a thrill to see someone enjoying what I loved painting!

The kids seem to love it, but I do too, and I’m nearly old!!

Some of these rocks will travel off the island and I recently saw someone had taken one to Scotland. I would be so pleased if that happened to one of mine.

I have to admit, I went back to where I put one and it had gone, that’s exciting too!Then I saw what looked like a stone underneath a rock and thought, I bet that’s it. It will never get found there. So I went to retrieve it, and it wasn’t mine. It was an Anglesey Rocks one, and I was very excited to find it and couldn’t wait to post it on the page.


I think I’ve have found myself a new hobby!

When the holiday makers leave, it will die down but I shall continue to make some more, both for myself and for Anglesey Rocks. It will be interesting to watch the group to see how far the stones travel.

Published by Kazzmoss

Karen loves fiction, reading and especially writing short stories and novels. She is also an avid blogger and book reviewer. Living on the beautiful Isle Anglesey, off the North Wales coast, Karen draws inspiration from the world around her.

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