Magic of Stories Facebook Group

Did you know this website has a Facebook group?

It’s for book lovers like you. It’s like this website only different.

Readers, do you love talking about the book you’ve just read? Does it make you feel inspired? What would you have done in that situation?


Do you ever make notes on your Kindle because something touched your heart, or was just a genius phrase?

Well here is a place to share those thoughts. Sometimes in every day life, something is funny, startling, or just plain weird. Well this is the place to share it, too. It’s a place of stories.

As authors, we love telling tales.  As authors, we love talking about our books. This is not another promotional place, it’s place for telling us the story of your book. What made you write it? Where did the characters come from? Have you a juicy excerpt? Image teaser? Do you have a direct link to your website? Facebook page, group? Do you have have short story to share, a snippit, a real life story. Then this is the place.

Come and join the group and there may even be the odd game, and perhaps a giveaway. Clic this link and see why our group is different from the norm.

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 14.47.16.png

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