Wedding Dress For Sale, Never Worn by DM Wolfenden

Genre: Contemporary Fiction Description Angela never thought she’d ever be placing that ad. Or cancelling her wedding. Twice. But her perfect life was shattered. Each time, only a week before the wedding – Hers and Jordon’s. The first time, her mother died. The second, Jordon. Or at least he might as well have died. But… Continue reading Wedding Dress For Sale, Never Worn by DM Wolfenden


Sister Cousin

by Mary Hiland Comedians love to build their acts on their terrible childhoods, so I would have a hard time being a comedian, because mine was almost idyllic. Although I enjoyed the benefits of being an only child, I felt I had been cheated out of three very important ingredients for a perfect young girl’s… Continue reading Sister Cousin


A Ghost of Myself

An interesting and thoughtful story to share with you. It certainly had me thinking.


Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I pull to the side of the road. The screech of sirens and the flashing blue lights of an ambulance head towards my village. For a moment I am simply grateful that my younger son sold his motorbike, even though I know he misses it dreadfully. There were too many ditches when he was younger…

Then I wonder who needs the ambulance. Will it get there in time? Do I know them? Will they be okay?  What if I was me who had died and the ambulance was going for my body while my ghost, all unaware, still went to work…?

Now there’s a thought that comes right out of nowhere and is guaranteed to stop you in your tracks on the way to work…

How would I know? Living with the dog wouldn’t have helped, as I am convinced they can see far more than we can. Ani might…

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First Impressions by Theresa Hedges

Genre: Romance Description A witty modern-day take on an Austen classic. Can you ever get a second chance at making a first impression? Lottie, Ellie and Jenny are three young women looking for love. Their dating prospects at church are a motley bunch at best. Then into the picture comes the charming Nathaniel, his perfectionist… Continue reading First Impressions by Theresa Hedges


Jon Doe

The pain leaches into the soil with his blood as he lies silently studying the pines.  The long straight trees pierce the clouds with geometric precision.  The cold calms him; he no longer feels a need to call for help.  Studying the perfection of the moment, he dozes into a mindless peace. Without warning, he… Continue reading Jon Doe


A Strange Good Bye

June 16, 2010- 9 p.m. I sit in the back of the room, silently watching a tableau of insecurity and the desperation of everyday life.  I’m numb to the empty-headed chatter that is meant to be clever or funny but is neither.  The noise of my solitude drums out the redundancy of their forced hilarity.… Continue reading A Strange Good Bye

Crime, Post Apocolyptic, Thriller

Best Books of 2017

I came across this on Goodreads. It's interesting and fun. So many happy memories wrapped up in these stories. For me there are some stand out books. Favourite **************************** False Lights by Gillian Hamer She wrote a series of three detective stories all based on the island I live on.  The other two were Crimson… Continue reading Best Books of 2017


The Venom Protocols by John Murray Mckay

Genre: Thriller Description From the award winning author of The N Days “You should have left me alone.” Charlotte Corday was once called the most dangerous woman on the planet by the FBI until she retired. But it's not so easy to remain retired when the past is determined to drag her back into the… Continue reading The Venom Protocols by John Murray Mckay

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A Menai Strait Walk

On the 21st June we met up with some friends and parked up in Menai Bridge in Wales where I live, and walked down to the Strait, the water surrounding the island. Despite living on Anglesey for two years, we hadn't been down this way. It was so picturesque and the houses had beautiful balconies… Continue reading A Menai Strait Walk


The Dragon’s Magical Night: Eternal Love Bite’s by P. T. Macias

Are Dragons real? Eternal Love Bite's by @pt_macias #paranormalromance #newrelease #Indieauthor Labels: action, paranormal, romance, fantasy, suspense, short stories shifters, dragon, urban, action, contemporary, fairy tales, epic, holiday, Html code: DO YOU LOVE DRAGONS AND ROMANCE?   Available in eBook ASIN: B07DR2SK3G Genre: Paranormal Romance  Release date July 1, 2018 Author P.T. Macias @pt_macias… Continue reading The Dragon’s Magical Night: Eternal Love Bite’s by P. T. Macias