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A Beautiful Death

Tessa Jowell, the British MP died from a brain tumour yesterday. She was 70 years old and only diagnosed a year ago.

Today, I am listening to the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2. They were talking about her ‘beautiful death.’ It was very peaceful and she was surrounded by her family. It was how we all want to go when our time comes. A discussion then ensued and people called in telling about their experiences. Some of them good and some not.

I listened as a lump appeared in my throat and my eyes prickled, because if you have lost someone you immediately think about their deaths. It’s the first time I have almost been moved to tears as I thought about my parents who died almost 8 years ago.

Dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer and died within 8 months. On the day he was taken into hospital, Mum collapsed and was also taken in. On September 2nd he died and on the 24th, she joined him. So for me their death have almost become one.

I wasn’t there for Dad’s death, but my brother, and he informed me it was peaceful. I had seen him only the day before and I hugged him, told him I loved him, and his reply was that we had all been wonderful daughters. That was my dad unselfish to the end.

Mum went downhill quickly eventually having a stroke. We were by her bedside to say our final goodbye. She was surrounded by love as she took her last breath.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in America and so I saw many posts of people honouring their mothers. It doesn’t affect me anymore, not as did in the early days. I think of the memories of parents with a smile, and only occasionally I moved to almost tears.

Love your parents and your grandparents and enjoy every day you have with them, because you never know what it round the corner or when their time will come.

Father’s day is coming soon, and I plan to celebrate dad’s everywhere. If you have a story to tell. I would love to hear from you.

Father’s Day.


Lonely Bouquets

I’m part of the WI and we have a great website for our federation, which is Wales.

Last year our group took part in the ‘Lonely Bouquet’ and it was nice for all the reasons Heartburn WI have mentioned in their blog post below.

It was fun making them up and then we walked around Trearddur Bay in Anglesey, we put them in prominent places for people to see, pick up, and take home to enjoy. We received messages of thanks too, which was lovely to know how much they appreciated our efforts. It was great seeing people enjoying them. It was also a way of spreading the word about who we are.

Hartburn are a great WI, who I believe are up in the North of England. I enjoy reading about what they do, so if you subscribe to them, you can enjoy it too!

This time last week, we had already popped each of our Lonely Bouquets out into Hartburn and were watching the stories and social media attention roll in with our mouths wide open. We couldn’t quite believe how many people had seen our little project, and one of those people was Alex Cook, a training journalist […]

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60 Glorious Years — Stevie Turner, Indie Author.

by Karen J Mossman

I saw this and had to read it because April 23rd was my 60th too.

It’s an interesting story of school girls who have reached the milestone and stayed friends.

I stayed friends with one girl from school whose life hasn’t been as good to her. She married her husband the same year as I did, but unfortunately lost him through illness a few years ago. Prior to that her brother killed in a car accident, and one of her sisters died very suddenly. Last year her neice was murdered by her husband. We celebrated our milestones together with a night in a posh hotel, a spa day and meal.

We never think of ourselves as being 60, afterall, wasn’t that the age of our grandparents? When I look in the mirror, I don’t see a 60 year old, I just see the girl I always was. Although, three years ago when hubby turned 60, I had a giggle telling myself I was married to a 60 year year old! It seemed absurd. Not so much now any more.

The difference is we are both retired now and free to pursue the things that make us happy. We don’t have to face those early morning commutes to work any more. We can do what we want, when we want. That has to count for something, and it does. It’s the price to pay for being 60. I can honestly say I am happier now than at any other time in my life.

That’s my story and this is Stevie Turner’s story. So what it yours, I’d love to know.

This is the year when my old school friends reach their 60th birthdays. I reached mine first a few months’ back, and it’s interesting to see how other friends’ lives who were in our little ‘gang’ at school have panned out as they cope with this great milestone. I have kept in touch with all […]

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