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Love Quilts UK Number Two

by Karen J Mossman

I had another email this morning, two in a short space of time, and it was so exciting to receive. If you have read my first post entitled Love Quilts UK you will understand what these quilts are and why they are so extraordinary.

This is the quilt, and each cross stitch square is an work of of art. My square is the red boat at the bottom. I stitched it in 2012 and remember it well, simply because it was supposed to be a harbour scene. As I was stitching, I reaslised I wasn’t enjoying it. Although it looked nice, it was very fiddly and would take forever. So decided to just stitch the boat and send it in as an ‘Any Child Square.‘ We never know when these are going to be used and as time went on I forgot about it.

It’s well worth the wait for it to be put together withrsuch lovely pictures.

To read the full story of the quilt and the child it was made for, click here.

To see al my stitched squares, click here.


Looking for your next good read??

Yesterday was a success in letting everyone know about the great stories Electric Eclectic have.
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Prakash Vir Sharma

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Electric Eclectic Stories

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EE Books 2

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Love Quilts UK

by Karen J Mossman

It’s been a while since I stitched anything for Love Quilts and when an email dropped into my mail box recently thanking for me my contribution, I was suprised, and delighted. That was when I remembered how much I loved cross stitching fo them.

Love Quilts UK makes quilts for children under the age of nineteen who suffer from life threatening or life long illnesses.

I started stitching for them in 2012 when I applied for one for my sister. Each quilt contains twelve cross stitch squares and the child or parent chooses the theme.

As a stitcher, you would check the website regularly to see if any quilts were opening up and failing that, you can stitch an ‘Any Child’ square. These are usually used to make up emergency quilts, or to fill an incomplete quilt.

So the email I received was an ‘Any Child’ square I had stitched in May 2013. So no wonder I had forgoten! In the email, we usually get a message from the family. and in this one we received the following:

“Thank you so much for the absolutely amazing quilt, we as a family are completely in love with it. The detail and quality is completely incredible.”

It makes it so worthwhile seeing this messages and having been on the receiving end, I really don’t know which is more of a thrill – receiving the quilt or seeing a quilt I have contributed to.

You can see all the squares I’ve stiched here.

All these quilts are simply stunning, don’t you think?

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