Psychological, Thriller

Seed Money by Neil Douglas Newton

Genre: Drama/short story Description Even the most intelligent man can be fooled by a beautiful woman. Beneath the mask of loveliness, something dark may hide. Sooner or later the monster is exposed. Will the revelation come too late? Karen's Magic ReviewStrangley, I enjouyed reading this story even if by the end I didn't really undstand… Continue reading Seed Money by Neil Douglas Newton


Only Words by K. A. Neeson

Genre: Literary/Humour/Satire Description Only Words, Quotes, Blogs, Posts, Short Stories, And Fiction Fun Is A Compilation Of K.A. Neeson's Writing Featuring Mental Health And Humorist Approach To Writing About her own Mental Health Issues- From Beautiful Scenery To Positive Affirmations, K.A.'s Take On Fiction Fun And Her Many Twisted Humor Segments, As Well As Other… Continue reading Only Words by K. A. Neeson

Mystery, Thriller

Bernie and the Beast DM Wolfenden

Genre: Thriller/Mystery Description Haunted by his latest visions of a girl with green eyes, can Bernie tame the Beast before it’s too late? Before it kills again?   Karen's Magic ReviewI haven't read any of DM Wolfenden books before and she has six, including several shorter reads. Bernie and the Beast instantly caught my eye.… Continue reading Bernie and the Beast DM Wolfenden


Winter’s Day by DM Wolfenden

Genre Description Jolie Winters wants what most women her age want – love and affection. However, nothing seems to work out. When a devastating illness threatens a loved one, she finds comfort in a past relationship--a relationship which now puts Jolie in more danger than she’s ever known. Winters Day is set in today's suburban… Continue reading Winter’s Day by DM Wolfenden

Crime, Thriller

Deadly Games by Andrew Hess

Genre: Thriller Crime Description Detective James Thornton has always had a way with women. Some say he’s a player. Others call him a man whore. But he’s mostly known as the best detective the Dutchess County P.D. has. For years he swore off relationships, fearing his career would put them in danger. That all changed… Continue reading Deadly Games by Andrew Hess


Stranded With The Mountain Man by Aislinn Kearns

Genre: Romance/Erotica/Suspense Description Gia’s on the run… Elijah lives a simple life on his mountain until he saves an injured woman from a crashed plane. He can’t abandon a woman in need, and soon will do whatever it takes to protect Gia, even if it costs him everything. Gia is desperate and afraid. But when… Continue reading Stranded With The Mountain Man by Aislinn Kearns

Crime, Mystery, Thriller

The Queen and the Viper by Adam C. Mitchell

Genre: Crime Noir/Romance Description Policewoman Peggy Ellen has secret - by night, she's a caped vigilante, known as The Queen of Spades. Her city is crippled with crime, thanks to the notorious gang the House of Games. When police Lieutenant Jack Malone and Peggy's lover gets too close to uncovering the truth behind this band… Continue reading The Queen and the Viper by Adam C. Mitchell