Paranormal, Romance

Phantom Foot Prints by Ian G. Welch

Genre: Romance/Paranormal/Mystery Description Scarlett has awoken in hospital, she has no memory of the accident, no recollection of events leading up to it. But she remembers Travis - or is he a mere figment of her imagination? Makayla thinks so. Strange things, unexplainable happenings begin to torment Scarlett. Is she losing her mind? Others, including… Continue reading Phantom Foot Prints by Ian G. Welch

Crime, Mystery, Thriller

A Time to Kill by Stephen Puleston

Genre: Police/Crime/thriller Description A missing person. Investigating the disappearance of local antiques dealer, Harry Jones, is not high on DI Ian Drake’s priority list. He has more important things to spend his time on than looking for a man who has probably just walked out on his wife. Until they find Harry’s dead body… Shot… Continue reading A Time to Kill by Stephen Puleston

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Are you a Book Lover?

As you know, this blog loves books and especially the Electric Eclectic brand of books. There are different ways you can find them. Here on Goodreads or by putting Electric Eclectic Books into the search bar. Don't forget to add them to your To Read shelf. Or here on Amazon or by using the search box,… Continue reading Are you a Book Lover?


Other People’s Children, My Life and Family by Mavis Humby

Genre: Memoirs Description Being the middle child of middle class parents, Mavis talks about growing up in the 1950's and of her siblings, her parents and the man she finally marries. In raising her own children, Mavis comes across many who did not have the same oppurtunities, leading to her becoming a foster carer. She… Continue reading Other People’s Children, My Life and Family by Mavis Humby


Ken Dodd, Comedian 1927 – 2018

by Karen J Mossman Today, we lost wacky comedian Ken Dodd and I thought I would share a personal memory of him. In late seventies, early eighties, Ken Dodd came to the Police Club at Hough End in Manchester. He did his act, which had everyone in stitches. His jokes were always clean and so… Continue reading Ken Dodd, Comedian 1927 – 2018


A Cry in the Night by Karen J. Mossman

Genre: Romance Description To the entire world Rick has it all, rock stardom, fame, fortune… but inside he is burning out. On the edge of depression and a breakdown he takes to an isolated shoreside hideaway and crawls into a bottle. But he not alone. Gemma is in the apartment below, a lonesome, solitary figure,… Continue reading A Cry in the Night by Karen J. Mossman

Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Dark at The Top of the Stairs by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Genre: Crime/Mystery/Noir Description In true crime noir style, two hard-boiled detectives investigate the apparently accidental death of a wealthy older man. Found lying dead at the bottom of the stairs in his expensive home, the only other person at home was his wife. While it looks like an accident, the detectives smell a rat. But,… Continue reading Dark at The Top of the Stairs by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Psychological, Thriller

Burned Toast by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Genre: Crime/Women's Fiction Description After escaping an abusive relationship, Melly builds a new life, far from her abuser. But, some men just won't take no for an answer. What happens when Melly awakens in a strange place and comes face to face with the monster from her past? Is she strong enough to survive? Or… Continue reading Burned Toast by Elizabeth Horton-Newton


At The End of The Summer by June Moonbridge

I'm delighted to reveal to you the cover of June Moonbridge's new book: I read the wonderful Caught Between Two Worlds and the vivid cover and storyline still stays with me. So having read the description below, you can be sure to see it reviewed right here very soon. Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: 1st… Continue reading At The End of The Summer by June Moonbridge