The Lost Ring

Magic of Stories loves hearing stories from readers and this one came in from Gwyn Broadmeadow. She read the Lost and Found story and had one of her own.

“In 1933, my mother Mrs Lilian Probert, lost her wedding ring. Although an extensive search was made, we failed to find it. It was thought it had gone down the drain along with the washing water from the ‘Dolly Tub’.

My father promised mother he would buy her a new one for their silver wedding anniversary on November 5th 1946. Sadly father died in the April of that year.

Mother and I found life hard, because the Widow and Orphans pension in those days was ten shillings and five shillings respectively, per week. That’s the equivalent of 50p and 25p in today’s money.

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We planted the garden to provide us with vegetables for the coming winter. In the October when mother and I returned from a walk, we were pleased to see that a kind neighbour had brought up our potatoes and left them on the surface to dry. As it was evening and the dew was falling, we gathered them up immediately.

Much to our shock and delight I picked up the potato and it had her ring on it! So mother had her ring for a month before her silver wedding date. She became a widow in her 48th year and remained so until her death aged 93.

Down by the River

There is nothing more exciting than when a reader enjoys a story you have written. Elizabeth Horton-Newton has penned a great review and described the book as a thriller. I hadn’t thought of it as a thriller, but I guess it is. Read her review and see for yourself.

Elizabeth is also a writer and she has books in the Electric Eclectic brand as I do. Again the are shorter reads, as in Down by the River, and it is a great way of discovering new authors.

The WI

The 6th February is the anniversary of women being able to vote in our country. The Suffragettes campaigned, protested, and marched for our equal rights. The Pankhurst family, Emmeleline and her daughters, were from Manchester where I came from. In 1982, I worked as a carer for an ex Mayoress of Trafford. She regaled me with stories […]

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