Befriended by Ruth O’Neil

Genre: Thriller Description Some secrets never leave us alone. . . Gemma Peacock's life was perfect - or at least, she thought it was. She had a home she loved, a job she enjoyed, and a husband she adored. The only cloud on the horizon was the continuing tension between Gemma and her mother-in-law, but… Continue reading Befriended by Ruth O’Neil

Crime, Horror

April Showers by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Genre: Crime/Horror Description April showers may bring May flowers. In this small town, an April flood brings more than flowers to the surface. Some secrets are exposed. But what about those that remain concealed beneath the surface of a bucolic countryside? Amazon UK Amazon US Karen's Magic ReviewThis is another very different, very atmospheric dark… Continue reading April Showers by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Inspirational, Mystery

AMBERGRIS by Rush Leaming

Genre: Teen/Young Adult Description As part of The Electric Eclectic literary initiative out of the U.K. comes a new short story from American author Rush Leaming: An uncertain 22-year-old stepping out of his comfort zone. An elderly woman with a vibrant past on a long ride home.   Karen's Magic ReviewThis was another road trip… Continue reading AMBERGRIS by Rush Leaming


Chantilly Lace by Ian Welch

Genre: Humour/Satire Description This is a very short story. A cheeky response to 'why haven't you written a Fifty Shades book?' No, not as seductive, more a snapshot of a besotted guy, an enraged husband and a manipulating attractive girl. Designed to entertain, but still with a twist in the tail.   Amazon UK Amazon… Continue reading Chantilly Lace by Ian Welch

Horror, Psychological, Thriller

Three Floors Up by Paul White

Genre: Psychological Description Three Floors Up is the story of one man's psychosis and its effects on all who enter his world, and why the ones he chooses never leave. This is a tale of dark doings, of murder and distorted perceptions. Not to be read by the faint of heart. Amazon UK Amazon US… Continue reading Three Floors Up by Paul White

Crime, Thriller

Old Habits by Elizabeth Horton Newton

Genre: Crime/Horror Description Gaunt Thibideaux is a man of habits. You know what they say; old habits die hard. Some habits are good, some are bad, and some are just plain unique. What happens when one person's habit impacts the lives of others? Karen Magic Review Gaunt Thibideaux is great name for a main character,… Continue reading Old Habits by Elizabeth Horton Newton

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The Lost Ring

Magic of Stories loves hearing tales from readers and this one came in from Gwyn Broadmeadow. She read my Lost and Found story on here and had one of her own. “In 1933, my mother Mrs Lilian Probert, lost her wedding ring. Although an extensive search was made, we failed to find it. It was… Continue reading The Lost Ring


Liberty by Markie Madden

Genre: Historical Description The reign of Hatshepsut, the first female Pharaoh in Egyptian history, is threatened by the actions of her stepson, Prince Thutmosis. But Hatshepsut's daughter, Neferure, takes matters into her own hands to ensure the path of destiny her mother began. Amazon UK Amazon US Karen Magic Review This has to be one… Continue reading Liberty by Markie Madden

Paranormal, Thriller

North to Maynard by Paul White

 Genre: Occult/Mystery/Urban Description North to Maynard is a tale of an urban spirit, a ghost in the machine story for these modern 'tech' times. It exposes something which could happen to any one of us, at any time.... even during a road trip, when you are travelling North to Maynard. Amazon UK Amazon US Karen's Magic… Continue reading North to Maynard by Paul White


Lifesong by Julia Blake

Genre: Contemporary/Science Fiction/Fantasy Description She came from a different place, a world living in harmony with the lifesong that flows through everything, connecting all to the great song of the universe. Suddenly, she's trapped on our world, a place hell bent on self-destruction, a place that destroys without thought, poisons its own water supply and… Continue reading Lifesong by Julia Blake