Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 20.31.45by Karen J Mossman

I used to have an Instagram account, but I was hacked. Luckily I managed to get back in only to find my email address had been changed. I changed it back and put my phone number in as recommended.

Then I found once a week whenever I logged in, it said my password had been changed. It was a right rigmarole trying to get code numbers to log back in with. Eventually this started happening twice a week then four times a week. I closed the account and opened another.

Then the same thing began happen again. It became really complicated and I eventually ended up with two accounts. I contact Facebook who owns Instagram and followed their procedure on the help pages to no avail. I tried several time to contact them asking to please help. Nothing. I googled it and the results were that it was a known fault, not a hacker. But I had no where to turn.

I loved my Instagram account. It was fun and it eventually peeved me right off when eventually was locked out completely.

For eight months I’ve been Instagram-less. Then a few people were talking about it and I’ve decided to give it another chance.

I have two Facebook accounts, one personal for family and friends and the other for my books. The other two Instagram accounts were attached to my personal one, so this time I’ve attached it to my books one. You can’t access Instagram on the laptop, you can see it, but not post.

I wanted to find my Instagram address so I could share it. In trying to find it I came my previous ones with photos. I’m not very happy they are still there, but there is no way to access them.

I couldn’t even get into this new one with the password I was using from my Facebook account. If you feel a little confused, you can imagine how I was feeling!

So I took the risk of changing it. After having to reset an my email password to access it first, I finally got the email to reset the Instagram one and after two text messages with 6 digit numbers to enter and pictures showing road signs to prove I wasn’t a robot, I’m in again. Phew! What a marathon.

So I now have an Instagram account again complete with saved email address, username and password. So if I should get thrown out, I should be able to get back in, right?

So come and join me on Instagram. I will show you pictures of dogs, Anglesey – beaches and countryside, cross stitching, and books. And of course, I’ll follow you back.

Karen on Instagram

My latest photo is of my puppy, Tilly, helping me out at the computer.

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 20.32.29

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