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the secret ebookGetting a Gold Book worm from the Readers Review Room

This book is listed as a romantic suspense novel, but to me, it is a tender coming-of-age story about a young Irish lass named Kerry. Not only is it a coming-of-age story, it is now one of my favorite books in this genre.

Coming of age stories tell the transition of a child into an adult. While we meet Kerry when she is the age of a young adult, her sweet, earnest ways make her seem like a younger person. “I remembered that life was innocent and simple. It was just the people who soured it.”

It is the 1970’s and Kerry lives with her mother, step-sister, and step-father in Manchester, England. Kerry and her Mom were originally from Ireland, but came to live with Bill after Kerry’s father died. At the beginning of the book, it seems as if Kerry has an ordinary life with a job and boring boyfriend. But the reader will soon become aware that Kerry has a secret.

At least, Kerry thinks it’s her secret. I’m sure that most readers and all those around her, including her friends, her new love Tommy and his family have a good idea of what is troubling her. Her attempts to seem “normal” make her even more young, fragile and appealing. Kerry tries so hard to be brave. “No one could know what went on in my house. It was my secret.”

The author give us some meaningful word pictures of Kerry. For example, Tommy sees her as his Snow White, which is also what Kerry’s father had called her. Giving her this fairy-tale quality highlights her as sweet and young. Kerry enjoys running, which can be seen symbolically as her running from her problems. Throughout her story, I was rooting for her to overcome her demons.

“Kerry, you are beautiful, both inside and outside. That’s how you are. That’s how I see you.

Author Mossman writes with an engaging, readable style and has created many other memorable characters including Kerry’s family and Tommy and his friends and family. The story moves forward with lovely scenes that will draw readers in to Kerry’s poignant world. This book is expressive, and moving; even with the seriousness of Kerry’s problem, it is a positive, affirming and tender story.

I highly recommend this book and I would say that this is one of the best books I have read recently. Well-done Ms. Mossman. I‘m so happy that the author has written other books and I look forward to reading them!

I hope the author will forgive me one suggestion- the book cover, while alluring, does not convey the book’s sweet power and charm. If it is possible, I would change the cover, so that readers will know they will be reading a lyrical and moving tale.

The Secret was an interesting story. I didn’t know it had sensitive contents in it, but I still read the whole book.

Tommy was my favorite character. He is charming, sweet as hell, and cares deeply for Kerry. She’s never told her secret to anyone … until it happens again and she can’t go on living that way anymore and has to tell that secret.

What Kerry went through was horrible and I’m glad Tommy & his Dad “took care of it.”Overall, I did enjoy the story and it had a wonderful ending!

– Veronique Porier
Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 12.33.40

I was given a complimentary copy of this book, and I am giving my honest review of this title. The Secretby author Karen Mossman is spectacular in it’s simplicity. I was instantly surprised at how this book captured me. I was pulled into the story. Kerry is an ordinary girl with a boring life, and a tool for a boyfriend.

The story starts out in turmoil and quickly develops into a full fledged drama of Kerry’s life. She has a mother that seems to be blind to everything, a young sister who she loves and protects, and a stepfather, Bill who together with his slimy friend make Kerry’s life miserable. Keeping the truth from everyone in her life about her home life, both past and present was an inner turmoil that Kerry had to face. Combine the home life with the want and need for true love, something she has never experienced until Tommy walks through the door, and you have every element for a great story.

I believe that in true life situations most “victims” would keep these things to themselves as Kerry did. Most victims find themselves alone and scared, not knowing what “they” did to deserve such things to happen to them.

I felt for Kerry instantly, the descriptions and characterizations are wonderfully done. Karen Mossman took a difficult subject and delicately wove the story together beautifully. I read this book in one sitting. Yes it is a story of under 150 pages but it is the way it is written that takes you away. I have read many books, short and long. Some I wanted to throw out after the first 10 pages, and some were torturous to get through at all. This book was a pleasure to read. I would give it a 5+ review!

I would recommend this title to 16 and up. Yes, there are some touchy areas within the book but I personally feel that these “touchy” areas should be openly discussed at a young age with young men and woman.

Margaret Daly

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