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April 17I just wanted to tell you about The Magic of Stories sister site. It is called Karen’s Book Buzz Blog. On it, I review all of the books I have read and also feature books I think a reader would like. So if you enjoy reading and enjoy books, I recommend that you subscribe by email and then each time I post it will go straight to your inbox

I also want to let you know about the Magic of Stories Newsletter. It goes out once a month and updates you my writing news, new books by other authors and I sometimes feature book trailers. These are just like film trailers and have spurred me on in the past to buy a book. You will also get exclusives here and  I have an ongoing serial on Wattpad about a medium who ends up getting into all sorts of trouble at times. All and more just for newsletter subscribers.

Anyone who subscribes gets a free book – The Magic of Stories book, plus, and exclusive to this post, leave your home address on the form and  I’ll post you a personal letter and some free gifts. So mention where you came from to be sure of getting yours.

Do you write stories? If so, I am looking for Flash Fiction. Pop over and have a look at the requirements and if you have something suitable, I have openings for August onwards. I would love to feature you.

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The Truth Will Out – a thriller
The Secret – romantic suspense
Joanna’s Journey – romantic suspense
The Missing – themed short story collection
Behind the Music – themed short story collection
Heroes – themed short story collection

Also, find me on eBay where I sell little curiosities as well as books.



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