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Hi! You have landed on the Magic of Stories, part of the Thriller Blog Hop and the Brain2Books Cyber Convention on Goodreads.

I’m the writer of three novels and three short story collections. My three novels are being showcased on Goodreads, one in the Thriller section and the other in Romance. So just follow those links if you want to take a look.

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Let me introduce you to The Magic of Stories website, where you have just landed. This is where the magic happens and it’s a place to escape. There are stories of all genres, both mine and from guest authors.

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The Magic of Stories book contains the following:

Moon blanket – is it a comforter or something more?
Drunk Again – a poem about drinking too much and the problems it brings.
In Distant Time – travelling to the past can be perilous, as Julie finds out.
Epitaph – a poem about leaving something behind when you die.
Embers of Webster Street – Things are not always as they first seem.
Fruits of the Forest – a tongue in cheek poem looking at the naughty things children do.
Caromac – One of the first stories I ever wrote. A secret agent, a double agent and someone out to kill, but who and why?
My Mum – I had the most amazing mum and wrote this poem for her in 2002.

As my novels are featured on Goodreads, I’m going to focus on the contents of these three magical books!

Although these stories are all different genres, most of them have a thrill element along with suspense and a touch of romance. Thrillers contain all of the things and I want to share with you.

All Collections

The Missing is the first book I published in 2014. I had always been intrigued about the reasons people go missing. It’s such a drastic step if you choose to do that, so what could be so bad to make a person do this?

Over the years I’ve written many stories with that theme and sometimes, of course, it is not a choice to disappear. There are many reasons like murder or suicide and in this book, I’ve put in a few of those reasons.  Human nautre makes us curious and we always want answer, unfortunately with missing people, that doesn’t always come.

The first story is called The Runaway and was originally two stories I couldn’t quite finish, so I put them together. Suddenly the ending was became clear and it will always remain one of my favourites.


Another one I did a similar thing was The Search for Daniel, only this time it was a song and a visit to my grandparent original house – 40 years after I last stepped inside it. The bungalow called Meadowlea and is included in the book just the way it was with my memories becoming the heroines. The actual story line came from the song Daniel, originally sung by Elton John, but it was the Wilson Philips that became my inspiration.

Ellie had been searching for her brother Daniel for a long time. The end is a tear jerker as the two are finally reunited.

Daniel 2

My second collection is called Behind the Music and it was published the same year. Like many others, I love listening to songs and I especially the lyrics. It makes me wonder about the people behind the music. Who are they? How did they get to where they were? Again, over the years I found I had written stories on this subject and put them all into this book.

The longest in the collection is called A Cry in the Night. I wondered how bands cope being on the road for sometimes years at a time. So I invented Rick Crockle, the lead singer of a band and who was having a breakdown from the pressure. He takes a condo on the beach to find himself again. He also discovers Gemma, someone who has her own ghosts to deal with. Together they make each other whole again.

A Cry in the Night

In 2016, all the collections were given a complete revamp. I rewrote all the stories and two of them I added an extra one I found in files.

For Behind the Music, a wrote something new called The Power of Love which is a sort of fairy tale. I loved the way it came out as it was a complete surprise. I sat down and let my muse do the writing!

The Power of Love

Heroes was published later in 2014 and now has 9 different stories. They depict an assortment of heroes and sometimes that hero can come from within ourselves.

This is true for the story called The Man with the Flask. Our heroine has literally a mountain to climb when she faces her own worst fears. What she does is undoubtedly save the lives of  many others.

People Watching

Million to One is one of those stories I would love to turn into a novel. It’s about the mafia and romance, two things that don’t normally go together. But all my stories are thrilling suspense stories and many with a touch of romance.

Libby has a disability and she believes it is her punishment. When she falls in love with a mafia man, she realises he is just like her father in many ways. She doesn’t know he would do anything for her, but some things are best kept to himself.

Did Someone Touch You.png

So these are a just a few of the stories within my themed collections. As I mentioned they have all had a rewrite, reformatting and exciting new covers made by Fantasia Covers.

If you want to buy any of my book collections, you can get them in all formats. Just follow the links.

The Missing
Behind the Music

The next blog stop is Karina Kantas who has some fabulous things to share with you.

Here is the landing page for all our Hops!

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