The Truth Is Out There!


A thriller that plays with your mind

2 woman 1 truth

Who is out there?


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Sarah is scared. Scared to admit what was really happening. But soon she would have to face the truth. And that scared her most of all.

‘Did I mention the silent phone calls on the house phone recently? Then, of course, the brick and razor blades and now this. I couldn’t ignore it anymore. It was happening, and I was scared. My stomach twisted and my ears pounded. Not again, I couldn’t do it again. Somewhere deep inside came a little voice that said: Yes, you bloody well can.’

Published by Kazzmoss

Karen loves fiction, reading and especially writing short stories and novels. She is also an avid blogger and book reviewer. Living on the beautiful Isle Anglesey, off the North Wales coast, Karen draws inspiration from the world around her.

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