Online Book Events

Yesterday I talked about the great Brain2BooksCycon that is happening in April and today I’m going to tell you another way to find new books, new writers and a chance to chat to Indie authors.

Like the B2Bcycon, you can come along and browse. Authors will show you their books, give you teasers and book trailers and sometimes excerpts. You can sit quietly back in your chair and just watch. Or you can join in, especially when they have quizzes and competitions and just for fun things to do.

Again, as I mentioned, it is easy to forget the date, so all you need to do is pop along now and press the going button. When the day arrives, it will pop up in your newsfeed and you can sit back relax and watch. It’s that simple and a lot of fun.

I’m telling you this because I’m at all three events over the next few days, some of them are starting today and when you go you will be able to see the author line up. So it is the perfect opportunity for Magic of Stories to introduce you to some more magical stories and as a reader, I love these events.


This is a feel-good event, a chance to celebrate and share books. Already posted are live videos of authors talking about it and what it means to them (including one from a rather self-conscious me!)

This is on from the 11th to 13th February.

By Any Means Necessary


This event celebrates the release of Siren Song, the 4th in the series of the undead unit by Markie Madden. I’ve read and reviewed this detective series with a difference. Fang and Claw is the first book and Souls of the Reaper is the second, I will in time read the third and this the fourth, and present them on Karen’s Book Buzz Blog. This event finishes on the 14th, but like all events, it stays there so you can go back anytime to view it.

Siren Song Release Party


This one was planned because many authors believe their work, that takes a lot of time to produce, should not be given away from free and makes it worthless. This event is trying to show that readers will still support an author, buy a book and not expect to be given it for nothing. I made a video to accompany this event and it will still stand today.

The event is on from the 11th – 15th February and your support will be gratefully appreciated.

Our Books Are Not Free

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