Raising Awareness for Mental Health

The Magic of Stories is pleased to tell you about a story that will touch your heart and one man’s struggle to help himself and others.

On 1st of February 2016, Wayne Dixon and his dog Koda set off from the Lancashire coast to walk the whole coast of Britain. That’s some feat as he intends to walk constantly over the next couple years.

This has always been an ambition, and after losing his father in 2012 Wayne found himself able to get on the road and raise money. 

These walks are also a healing process as Wayne’s dad suffered from bipolar, it is also an opportunity to raise money to improve services and attitudes to those who fall vulnerable.

I live on the beautiful island of Anglesey and Wayne is approaching my area. and there are many great places to walk and see. Like other UK cities, we are occasionally blighted by litter. Wayne is picking up litter as he goes.



I love dogs and you may have seen posts or tweets about mine, so raising awareness for dog neglect can only be a good thing. The Northern Inuit Society will tell you everything you need to know about these beautiful husky dogs.

MIND is a mental health charity and mental health is such a big issue at the moment. There is little help out there due to funding and this charity goes a long way to support people.

Stop moaning & start doing – Wayne Dixon 2016 is his favourite quote and he is doing that just.

If you can help support Wayne by cheering him on when you see him on route or go over to his Facebook page.

Another way to help is to sponsor him either on his Just Giving page for MIND  or his Go Fund Me page for huskies.

I will also be following him on Twitter, so follow me for updates.

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