The Day I Married The Boy Next Door

by Karen J Mossman Today, 23rd February 2017 is my wedding anniversary. Jon and I have been married 37 years.  When we moved into our new house, my Dad bought me a car radio for Christmas and then told me he couldn't fit it. He sent me next door as their son was always tinkering… Continue reading The Day I Married The Boy Next Door


Central City Tales by Adam Mitchell

Whats the book about?When PI Jack Malone walks into his office one morning and finds a man dead on his floor, he has no choice but to take the case. Clues lead him to the door of Sandie Kovax and her female lover, Mrs Josephine. Jack soon realizes he’s in over his head.  Rudy, another… Continue reading Central City Tales by Adam Mitchell

Crime, Famous Authors, Mystery, Thriller

Kill Me Again by Rachel Abbott

Whats the book about? When Maggie Taylor accepts a new job in Manchester, she is sure it is the right move for her family. The children have settled well although her husband, Duncan, doesn’t appear to be so convinced.  But nothing prepares her for the shock of coming home from work one night to find… Continue reading Kill Me Again by Rachel Abbott


Friday Interview

Author Karen J Mossman - me! has been interviewed on Barbara Chioffi's blog as a  FRIDAY INTERVIEW Babara is a gifted author herself. Her books can be found here  I know Barbara is a gifted writer because I have read two of her books and you can see them featured on Karen's Book Blog - Dark Lycan and… Continue reading Friday Interview

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Ghostly Writes Valentine Anthology

Plaisted Publishing presents a poem and seven short stories with a ghostly twist. This is the second anthology by Ghostly Writes, the first w released was released for Halloween 2016. Being a contributor, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book and read all the stories it contained. I now present them here to… Continue reading Ghostly Writes Valentine Anthology

Post Apocolyptic

Between Silence and Fire by Kristan Cannon

Whats the book about? Four years ago Derek Moss formed the Rangers of Walden to protect the last spark of civilization from those who would see it all vanish into dust. Is it a Series? Yes, it is the third book in the series of four. How easy is it to read? Fairly, but you… Continue reading Between Silence and Fire by Kristan Cannon


The Inkwell

by Patrick ElliotThe nurse woke me when my heart monitor slowed again. One good thing about this “home for the geriatricly re-enabled” is the nurses. They ensure we don’t die in our sleep, mostly. Some of my fellow inmates hate that. I’d rather go out on my feet.  I write in this journal every day;… Continue reading The Inkwell

Fantasy, science Fiction

Siren Song by Markie Madden

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Urban Can the Undead Unit resist the call of the Siren? Singer/songwriter Briona Solis is one of the top musicians in the world. Her voice is acclaimed as the most radiant on the planet, and she has a gorgeous figure to match. When her band Solace books a two-week tour in… Continue reading Siren Song by Markie Madden


Heidi Angell The Hunters Saga

The Hunters: For those who believe vampires should be killed, not kissed. What would you do if you found your town had been infested with vampires? For Chris and his brother Lucas, the answer was simple enough: you fight back. Gathering a small band of other people in their town who have been affected by… Continue reading Heidi Angell The Hunters Saga


Raising Awareness for Mental Health

The Magic of Stories is pleased to tell you about a story that will touch your heart and one man's struggle to help himself and others. On 1st of February 2016, Wayne Dixon and his dog Koda set off from the Lancashire coast to walk the whole coast of Britain. That's some feat as he… Continue reading Raising Awareness for Mental Health