and readers, this will be of interest to you, too!



Readers, this is happening in April, the biggest ever book convention which will involve authors of different genres and it’s something you as a reader can enjoy, too. Meet your favourite author and discover new ones. The event is happening in April and there is a lot of preparation going on behind the scenes to bring you the best book expo ever!  We have a special Save the Date form – so when it happens, we can let you know. Don’t forget to follow the link below to read all about it.

First of all, what is is about? Read all about it!

Are you a paranormal thriller, fantasy thriller, romantic thriller, dystopian thriller, supernatural thriller, MC thrillers, psychological thriller, sci-fi thriller, horror thriller, mystery thriller and crime thriller?

Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo 2017 is going to be one of the largest author Cycon’s ever. It’s the perfect platform to be seen and for your book to be seen.

This year the Cycon is going global and will include virtual, TV, Radio and video advertising. And they are expecting thousands of readers.
I’m involved with this years Cyber Convention and I’m helping the THRILLER genre manager, so please come and support us by signing up, getting your name out there as well.

There are going to be many exciting events for you such as Cover Wars, Panels, Blog Hop, Featured Author, Cosplay, Word Wars, Genre Tours, Character Tournaments, Author Showcase, Workshops and much more. I hope you will all be part of this great event and have signed up to take part in the genre and blog hops and maybe more – it all looks great!

Registration is free and open now. Additional fees may apply, The more this Cycon grows, the more events will be put on. I’d added lots of links to help guide you through to the right place.

This Cyber convention and Book Expo is open to ALL authors of ALL genres.

If you would like to help out, the thriller genre needs you to help make it a great success and benefit us all.

We have a Facebook group for you to post any questions, or if you need help with anything. Come over, say hello and introduce yourself!





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  2. Holy cow! Did I read that right? If you enter the save the date, you are automatically entered for a giveaway of a $100 Amazon gift card? That could buy A LOT of books at this event!


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