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Readers, this is happening in April, the biggest ever book convention which will involve authors of different genres and it’s something you as a reader can enjoy, too. Meet your favourite author and discover new ones. The event is happening in April and there is a lot of preparation going on behind the scenes to bring you the best book expo ever!  We have a special Save the Date form – so when it happens, we can let you know. Don’t forget to follow the link below to read all about it.

First of all, what is is about? Read all about it!

Are you a paranormal thriller, fantasy thriller, romantic thriller, dystopian thriller, supernatural thriller, MC thrillers, psychological thriller, sci-fi thriller, horror thriller, mystery thriller and crime thriller?

Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo 2017 is going to be one of the largest author Cycon’s ever. It’s the perfect platform to be seen and for your book to be seen.

This year the Cycon is going global and will include virtual, TV, Radio and video advertising. And they are expecting thousands of readers.
I’m involved with this years Cyber Convention and I’m helping the THRILLER genre manager, so please come and support us by signing up, getting your name out there as well.

There are going to be many exciting events for you such as Cover Wars, Panels, Blog Hop, Featured Author, Cosplay, Word Wars, Genre Tours, Character Tournaments, Author Showcase, Workshops and much more. I hope you will all be part of this great event and have signed up to take part in the genre and blog hops and maybe more – it all looks great!

Registration is free and open now. Additional fees may apply, The more this Cycon grows, the more events will be put on. I’d added lots of links to help guide you through to the right place.

This Cyber convention and Book Expo is open to ALL authors of ALL genres.

If you would like to help out, the thriller genre needs you to help make it a great success and benefit us all.

We have a Facebook group for you to post any questions, or if you need help with anything. Come over, say hello and introduce yourself!




Power to The Paws

Some stories are very sad and sometimes good things happen as a result. Amy Pacifico Cecil is holding an event on Facebook to raise money for an animal rescue.


This is a great cause, as animals are precious to us all. This is Amy’s story taken from her post in the event on Facebook.

“My husband and I have three dogs, all of which have been rescues. All our dogs before them have also been rescues. We have rescued puppies and seniors and several in between. It really doesn’t matter to us. What is important to us is that the dogs we do adopt feel safe and loved in our home. We have dealt with several rescues in the past and all of them have been wonderful, one in particular is very special to us. Wolf Spirit Sled Dog Rescue, Inc. (WSSDR) is a 501c3 non-profit rescue located in Stuart, Virginia.


I first came into contact with WSSDR and Nikki Delp Boyd, the rescue’s owner, a little over a year ago when I heard about a 30 Malamute Seizure about 30 miles from my home. These dogs were left in poor conditions, malnourished, given enhancement drugs to help them reproduce, confined to crates that were too small for them, and left to stand or lay in their urine and feces. Many of them have had serious medical issues. When I heard about this story, I already had two dogs, but something inside of me wanted to help one of these dogs. Nikki was absolutely amazing with me, helping me find the right dog for our home.

She puts her all into caring for the dogs she takes in. She also helps correct any behavior issues prior to their adoption. Her patience and kindness touched me in so many ways that she quickly became a close friend. We ended up adopting two of the Durham Mals, Heaven and Karma. Unfortunately, we lost Heaven almost a year ago due to complications from her previous situation. In several situations where we had to take Heaven to the emergency vet, Nikki took the time to talk with me, keep me calm and was my rock during a very rough couple of months while we did everything we could to save a beloved dog. Karma is still with us. She is our little spunky pup and we will celebrate her “get her” day on January 1.

In November Nikki suffered a very personal loss that not only affected her, but the rescue as well. In a tragic tractor-trailer accident, Nikki’s husband of 12 years was killed.

Further on the story can be read here. and here.

Not having any life insurance, Nikki is now left with not only suffering the loss of her beloved husband, but also keeping the rescue afloat. Several of us in the dog community have been doing everything we can to raise funds for the rescue and that is why I am hosting this Author Spotlight Takeover Event and Fundraiser. Authors, I hope that you will consider participating in this event to help Nikki and the rescue. 

We would love your donations for the auction, signed books, ebooks, swag, etc. Every little bit will help. We will hold the auction the days following the event.

If you would like to donate directly to the rescue you can through their Facebook event and by joining us and supporting it.”


Joanna’s Journey – Review

A great feature and review for Joanna’s Journey

Kanundra's Blog

After reading ‘The Secret Will Out’ by Karen J Mossman in print. I looked up and found she had several other books out, and this was the latest release.

Here’s my review of this lovely heartfelt book –

Amazon review – 
There are a couple of things I really enjoyed with Karen’s writing, from the detail of the worlds she’s created, (and the facts that around that, the story was built into a local city that I visited quite often) to the depth of the characters. Each novel, has had it’s own unique and outstandingly natural storyline. They’re almost so believable that you’d mistake her for your flawed best friend, who can be both amazing and yet stupid and frustrating all at the same time. I found her just so relatable, that of course I wanted the best for her in her love life, falling for two guys has to…

View original post 263 more words

Love Quilts

Apart from writing, I love to cross stitch and one of my favourite things to do is to stitch for Love Quilts UK.

These beautiful quilts are made for British children up to the age of 19 and who are suffering from life-threatening or life-long illnesses. (There is also a Love Quilts USA Love Quilts Brazil and Love Quilts Austraila.

The child or parent chooses a theme and the quilt is opened for stitchers to sign up. There is always a scramble and you don’t always get picked, but when you do, it’s such a thrill.

In 2012, my sister received a quilt and for her theme, she chose fairies. I stitched the E for Elizabeth.


The first quilt of 2017 was delivered this week for Adam. His theme was American cars and the square I stitched the middle r0w, second one up.


Since 2008, 764 quilts have been made and 10,966 cross stitch square have been stitched. Isn’t that just amazing?

If you are interested in stitching or quilting for this wonderful charity, visit their website

The Way of Things


by Paul White

The ping-pong ball bounced as it hit the edges of the glass bowls, eventually falling between them and onto the counter top.

This game was not as easy as it looked. But why was I surprised? After all, this was the traveling fair and they were here to take as much money from the community as possible.

But that is the way of things.

What I should be surprised at is the number of people who queued up at each stall wanting to give their hard earned cash to the travellers. The number who wanted to play games, which were heavily weighted in favour of the stall holder, for relatively valueless prizes.

I suppose it was the seduction of the fairground itself, the lights, the noises, and the smells. They all cast a spell over the community, excited the children and the childness within the adults.

Giant bears and candyfloss, Alice bands with flashing tentacles, doughnuts and sweet rock canes with your own name running all the way along the centre. The crowds, the laughter, the shouts and screams as the waltzes rattled and spun in gut wrenching circles to overpowering rock music.

That is the way of things.

I had one more ball left, one small lightweight ping-pong ball which could win me a prize if, and this was the biggy, ‘if’ it landed in a bowl.

I had already thrown eight balls. It was one pound for three, my first six bounced everywhere except where I wished, as did the last two from this set. That left me with one more chance to win and I wanted to win. I wanted very, very desperately to win.

You see my girlfriend, my new girlfriend, who was bouncing up and down beside me in excitement and anticipation, “really, really” wanted me to win. She wanted me to win because she wanted one of these prizes “Soooo much”.

As her new boyfriend, what could I do? This was a challenge, not only of my skills and capabilities, but of my determination in front of adversity. This was a test of my loyalty, of my commitment to her. In fact, this was a trial of my manhood, an examination of my suitability as a mate.

Although these things remained unspoken, everybody knows that it is the way of things.

I had watched each of the previous balls as they bounced, jumping from on bowls edge to another. Somewhere within that movement, there was a pattern, a pattern of chaos. Impossible to map by mathematics but one which was there nevertheless, instinctive, intuitive. It was a form, a tessellation of almost ethereal quality. It was a shape I could feel.

Tossing the ball I watched its progress through the air. With baited breath, I saw it descend and hit the lip of the first bowl. The ball sprung up and forward before falling again, hitting another bowl and recoiling back towards me. It was going to clear the bench, it was going to fall to the floor. I would have failed the test.

My girlfriend gasped, holding both hands to her mouth, biting her fingers. I stood immobile, helpless and hapless. The ball seemed to take an age, it appeared to float downwards, teasingly. As the ball fell it just caught the edge of the final bowl, rolling around the inside of its lip, circling, spiralling around and down, down, down into its base.

“Yes,” I shouted punching the air with relief. My girlfriend jumped onto me, wrapping her arms about my shoulders and kissing my face.

I had won.

I had won my challenge, my manhood, my girlfriend’s adoration. I was a champion. I was king.

That was how things are; that it is the way of things.

The stall holder was disappointed that he had to give away a prize, he looked even more disgruntled when my girlfriend demanded a Nanolion.

Nanolions were new, only brought here from some small blue planet in a far galaxy, I think they called it Earth once upon a time, by the travelling fair. They were, however, amazing, tiny replicas of us in every detail. Some, it is said could also speak, though many did not believe that so.

The stallholder held up a plastic bag, it was inflated and tied in a knot. “There should be enough air in the bag to keep it alive until you get home,” he said.

My girlfriend took it from him. “What do you feed them on?” she asked.

“Oh, just small scraps. They will eat almost anything” He said. All interest lost he turned to the other punters surrounding the stall offering their pound coins in hope of also winning a Nonolion.

“We shall find a box to keep it in tonight,” My girlfriend said, “and tomorrow we will go shopping, buy it a cage and a run and things”.

“Is it a he or a she?” I asked.

Holding the bag aloft we looked closely, “It’s a she, maybe we could buy her a mate or…..lets go back, let’s win another”.

I replied, “I don’t think so. It was only luck I won this one”.

“Oh please, please, pretty, pretty please”.

So we turned around and headed back to the ping-pong ball stall. It looked like my challenge was not quite over yet. I had one final test to pass.

Oh well, I suppose that is the way of things.

© Paul White 2015


You can read more by Paul here.

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