Party Invitation

I'm having a party and you are invited!  Yes, all of you!      Where? The comfort of your own home. What kind?   A virtual party. Where? On Facebook. Why? For the launch of my new book The Truth Will Out. What's going on? Fun and games, virtual drinks, lots of laughter, great author spots.… Continue reading Party Invitation


1000 Kilos by Ted Johnson

What would you do if everything you knew as true suddenly became a lie?Ted Johnson's debut novel, 1000 Kilos, is a modern day thriller and of course it made perfect sense to base the story around his new home in Malta. Yasmin Spiteri is a professional business woman to most. Smart and beautiful, men easily… Continue reading 1000 Kilos by Ted Johnson


The Jigsaw and the Fan by Stewart Bint

How much trouble can one disgruntled ghost really cause? Stewart Bint’s latest novel has been published as a paperback and ebook by Dragon Moon Press. The Jigsaw And The Fan is described as social satire. Albert Carter has died, and finds himself in the spirit world, to get sorted out at St Christopher’s gates. Having… Continue reading The Jigsaw and the Fan by Stewart Bint

Post Apocolyptic

Curfew by Phillip Harris

What is the book about? War has raged for over 160 years, the reasons for the conflict long since forgotten. Violent gangs roam the streets of a city in chaos, preying on the innocent and the careless. Friends die. Family die. But there are worse things in the darkness. Worse things beyond the curfew. Is… Continue reading Curfew by Phillip Harris


Heads & Tales by Karina Kantas

What is the book about? It's a collection of 29 different short stories. Is is a Series? No. How easy is it to read? Easy Karen’s Magic ReviewSometimes you need a rest from reading a full blown novel, especially if you read as many as I do. A collection of short stories is just the… Continue reading Heads & Tales by Karina Kantas


Gems of Gratitude by The Sisterhood

Released November 14th, 2016Author List: Alana Madden Chrissy Moon Christie Stratos Elizabeth Horton-Newton Karen J. Mossman LG Surgeson Lily Luchesi Markie Madden (and one possible: Kristy Wagner) From the Gems of Strength authors comes the second book in the Gems of Sisterhood series. The theme of this book is, of course, gratitude. Meet Detective Cara… Continue reading Gems of Gratitude by The Sisterhood


Rain Down by S L Slacker

 Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Romance DescriptionJules Avery and Gavin Boyd have been together for five years, but after a proposal-gone-wrong, Jules sees the real side of Gavin…a side she never wants to see again. Gavin informs Jules he’s leaving the country. Within hours of his declaration, she learns of her parents’ murders. Is it coincidence these things happened… Continue reading Rain Down by S L Slacker