The Truth Will Out

I’m very excited to announce that The Truth Will Out is being realised on 11th November

This is a thriller suspense novel with, of course, a dash of romance.

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Kelly needs to escape from an abusive boyfriend. Sarah is being targetted and threatened.
Can Kelly find a way out? Can Sarah face the truth?
As the situation gets worse, there is no escape.
In the end, the truth will out!

Exclusive Excerpt

“How’s the yoga going?” Dave asked, having watched her practice in the garden.
“Good. I like it.”
“You go to that retreat, don’t you?” added Dave.
Kelly’s heart dropped as Johnny suddenly looked up. “What retreat?”
“The one down the back road over Forsham way,” Dave volunteered, not realising this was the first Johnny had heard of it.
“I hadn’t told you because I didn’t think you’d be interested,” she lied.
“Since when do you keep things to yourself? Of course, I’m interested.”
Dave stood up, aware that he had caused a little trouble. “Sorry, I didn’t realise it was a secret. I’m gonna get showered and burn these clothes. Get the stink of pig off me.”
Pete stood too. “Yeah, thanks for the coffee, I’ve got some stuff I need to be doing.”
That left her and Johnny looking at one another. “Tell me about this retreat?” He said as the door closed.
“There is nothing to tell, really. I came across it one day and liked what I saw. I go a couple times a week. The rest of the time I practise in the garden. I just need something for myself, Johnny.”
“You don’t need anything more than what I provide for you.”
She sighed. “I know, generally, it is enough, but I want to stay healthy and looking good for you. It’s important to me too.”
“I don’t like you keeping anything from me. I like to know exactly what goes on in my organisation. You know that. It’s the only way I can control everything.”
“It’s not part of your organisation. It’s just something I like to do.”
“You are part of it. You play an integral part of it. I’m the one who says what’s good for you, K, not you. So, tell me more about this retreat and let me decide.”
She had no choice, but it felt like a betrayal. “They do residential courses and people come from all over the country to learn how to meditate and learn different types of yoga. The teachers are all about Karma, which comes from the teachings of old Buddhism.”
“It sounds like a load of twaddle to me.”
“It isn’t, Johnny. I don’t go for the Buddhism part, but everything else is good. It’s a special place and people pay hundreds of pounds just to study there.” As soon as she said it, she groaned inwardly.
“Do they really?” He said as his eyes lit up. “Perhaps this is something I need to look into.”
“I’d rather you didn’t,” she said a tad too quickly.
“Oh? And why’s that?”
“Because it’s mine. It’s something I do, and I don’t want it to be part of any shady business.” She cringed. Damn.
“Shady business?”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it quite like that.”
“You bloody will be,” he said. “You think all of this is shady?”
“That’s not what I meant, it was just a bad choice of words.”
“Then explain what you do mean as I really want to understand. Aren’t all the new dresses enough? You don’t want for anything, K. How do you think all that is paid for?”
“Look, I said the wrong thing, and I said I was sorry.” She rose to her feet as it was time to leave this conversation.
He got up too, and as she turned his way, he slapped her face. Only once this time. “Perhaps you need to be reminded who the boss is around here. I’m the one who makes the decisions for the right reasons. Do you understand me?”
Kelly held her cheek as it smarted under her hand. “I understand too well. What you don’t understand is I’m not yours to smack around.”
He laughed. “Darling, one slap now and again as a reminder doesn’t do anybody any harm.”
“But that’s just it, Johnny, I’m not anybody. Anybody can be anybody.”
“Ah, fuck off, Kelly, with your riddles and rhymes, before I really lose my temper.”
She turned and grabbed the door handle, but then turned back to face him. “You can’t control people by hurting them. Ultimately, it only drives them away.”
“You think you can just walk out of here, do you? Is that what you’re saying?”
“No, I’ve no intention of leaving. I know which side my bread is buttered, but to have me love you is something money can’t buy.”
She opened the door, stepped out, and closed it quietly behind her. She wanted to slam it, but her point was made. He wasn’t stupid. He’d know exactly what she meant. Little by little she knew she was withdrawing.




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