Discrimination is Alive and Kicking

by Karen J Mossman I was reading an online about racial abuse on a Manchester tram where a youth started yelling abuse at a man who was minding his own business. The man, in his thirties was dark-skinned wearing glasses with his hair in a low pony tail. A regular looking guy. The tram was… Continue reading Discrimination is Alive and Kicking

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Hidden Identities (Gems of Strength) —

Hidden Identities, by Jennifer L. Roche, one of 18 awesome stories you’ll get in Gems of Strength by The Sisterhood! We asked author Jennifer L. Roche to tell us about her story Hidden Identities, found in anthology Gems of Strength. … Continue reading → The post Hidden Identities (Gems of Strength) appeared first on Metamorph… via… Continue reading Hidden Identities (Gems of Strength) —


Where Did Your Heart Go? By Audrina Lane

What is the book About? It's about first love and how raw and new it is. Stephanie and James love each other, but are torn apart and 24 years later, they have the chance to meet again. Is It A Series? Yes. It's Book 1 of The Heart Trilogy. The others are Un-Break my Heart… Continue reading Where Did Your Heart Go? By Audrina Lane

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The Sweetness of the Seventies

by Karen J Mossman In 1973, I was  a teenager and the most important things in my life were music and fashion. I lived in Withington in Manchester with my parents and siblings. A few of us, including my brother, John, would catch a bus through to Chorlton and then walk over to the Stretford… Continue reading The Sweetness of the Seventies


Gems of Strength by The Sisterhood

I'm presenting this one a little differently to my usual book review posts as it is a collection of different stories. Strong female characters written by women authors and it was published by Metamorph Publishing in 2016. There are two more books  planned - Gems of Gratitude and Gems of Freedom. Indeed, you will find some little… Continue reading Gems of Strength by The Sisterhood