Didsbury, where Joanna’s Journey is set.

Joanna’s Journey is set in Didsbury which is a suburb of Manchester. Many of the houses in  are large Victorian semi detached. In the 70s many were converted from affluent family houses to flats. When I went to the area in Autumn 2015 to take photographs for this article, I noticed many of them had been converted back to family homes.


Clydebank is derived from this road.

Back in 1974 I went to visit someone who lived in the top flat of a house in Clyde Road and the image of the room stayed with me. I transferred that image of what I remembered to make it Joanna’s flat on the top floor.


This is a typical house along Clyde Road.

Photo 11-09-2013 08 15 54

Solly and Mike go to see Manchester United play. This is what the ground would have looked like at that time.

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