A pulse was beating in my temple which exploded into a full blown head ache when they came for me. I was taken down a white walled corridor as butterflies frantically looked for Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 09.41.44an exit in my stomach. I felt sick. A light above me flickered as hysteria bubbled.

The door opened and he stood there waiting for me. I didn’t want to look at the cold, sharp instruments lying on the table in the order of use.

I could smell fear as blood rushed through my veins. I’d seen others coming out, their faces as white as the walls. Somewhere a tap dripped. The bright light above was aimed like a spotlight illuminating the area of kill

Hands were on my shoulders making me lie back. Terror consumed me as my eyes caught the sight of a metal hook. A hush descended. I could hear my own breathe. A sweet sickly smell swept though my nostrils. Goose bumps marched down from my shoulders.

Thank God the dentist had changed to 12 monthly checkups as I couldn’t go through this every time.


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