Days Like This

by Karen J Mossman

I went shopping one day and came away with lots of things I hadn’t to buy, as you do. One was a pair earring. I usually wear dangly one, but this time I bought some stud ones. As I was going to visit my mum and my earring and necklace, I decided not to wear the new ones. I did, however try them on in the bathroom

Later I rang my sister to see how she was going on with her new baby. This was back in 1999 and we had one of the new mobile house phones – ones without a wire. So we chatted on this for quite a while.

As I drove to my mum’s house, my daughter asked why I wasn’t wearing my poppy. She was with me when we bought ones for £2 each. I looked and it consisted of a green stalk and a pin. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

When I reached mum’s house, she said, “Do you know you have lost an earring?” I’d only put one of them back in.

Later I went into my handbag for my  phone and instead, there was the house phone.  I must have dropped it in my bag instead of putting back when I spoke to my sister.

On another occasion I was getting dressed in the morning. I put on a big cardigan and went  downstairs, I was thinking how it was heavier than normal and when I got to the bottom realised a velcro strapped shoe had attached itself.

Later, I was about to take the dog for a walk and as I stood in the hallway, I leaned down to clip on her lead.

Standing back up I stepped back and my foot caught the bottom of the stairs. I lost my balance and in the split second it took to fall, I thought, I can’t save myself and hit the floor like a sack of spuds.
For a moment I lay wondering if anything hurt or had snapped. My two new knees felt in tact, my shoulder, where I landed felt ok. My coccyx was little jarred, but no damage.
After a moment I moved myself round so that I was sitting on my bottom. My little Yorkie started trembling and kept nudging me before climbing on my lap. I got to my feet after assuring her I was ok, and we went out with me feeling very lucky.
The final incident of the day was when dusk was settling. I was on my way to the front door which has a frosted glass window to put rubbish in the bin at the side of the house. I could see the reflection of my shadow approaching.
It suddenly struck, I’ve never had a shadow there before. I opened and screamed as the shadow loomed up at me.
My son stood and looked at me as if I was stupid. “I do love here, you know?”

I was looking through an old diary and came across this from 2006.

“Last night I was the last one up and crept up the stairs to the bathroom in darkness. I finished cleaning my teeth and as I turned away something hit me in the back.

I squealed and spun round only to realise my dressing gown belt had caught on the door of the cupboard. As I turned away it had opened and smacked me on the behind.

I felt so silly.

Do these sort of things happen to you? It can’t be just me, surely.

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