Childhood Pranks

When was a child in the late 60s and early 70s, life was very different. We lived by different standards and things that are considered grotesque now, were acceptable them.

That’s how I have to explain this story because it is pretty revolting!

My mum bought our dog a pig’s head from the butchers as a treat. I don’t think the dog was ever tempted. But, my brother and I spotted it. Have you ever noticed how human like pigs eyes are?

We decided, and goodness know why, to remove one of the eyes. So we went into the



house for a fork. My brother put the head under his arm and I poised to dig in with the fork. Only, I couldn’t. “You try,” I told him. We swapped, I held the pig, he poised the fork and froze too. It was ridiculous, we thought. Why couldn’t we do it? I took the again, but I bring my self to do it.

“I know, said my brother. “Let’s take it to Rodney.”

“Good idea,” I replied and off we went. Rodney lived next door but one and was a butcher by trade. If anyone could do it, then he could.

Strangely as I think back, he wasn’t the least bit surprised to see two kids at his doorstep carrying a pig’s head.

“Sure,” he said, taking it from us. He returned a moment later and handed me the now one eyed. The eye ball he place in my brother’s out stretched hand.

We went home and retrieved the ring box I had found. My brother carefully put in the eye and pressed it down so it stayed in position.

“Mum,” I said presenting her the box. We have a present for you.”

“Oh thank you,” and she took it from us. My brother and I grinned in anticipation.

She opened the box, screamed, threw it and the eyeball shot out, hitting the ceiling and bouncing off the wall it fell to the floor and rolled under the chair.

Needless to say, she was not amused!









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